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KZ ZSN Pro 0 Reviews View specs → KZ AS16 1 Review View specs → KZ BTE 0 Reviews View specs → HOT DEALS. Nevertheless, they are decent sounding in-ears for their price range and will sound good enough for most users. No more aggressive upper mids, no more overpowering mid-bass, no more fatiguing treble. As subjective as comfort is, I think the KZ AS10 is much more universal than other headphones as it is small and light – so take my thoughts with a pinch of salt, as usual, but also consider the fact that they’re really one of the best IEMs by KZ in terms of comfort. The group delay graph also shows that the entire response is well below our audibility threshold. Hey Lars, They also look better and have a better build quality, thanks to the braided and replaceable cable. Below I share the links to the store which provided the samples I’ll be reviewing, keep in mind that without the cooperation of this store I would probably not review this gear. KZ AS10 a must in your audiophile collections because of their capability to reproduce Hi-Fi sound. Discover the wide range of Walkie Talkie Parts & Accessories,Tablet Accessories,DVDs from AliExpress Top Seller KZ Official Store.Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Initially, they seemed to be a rebranded TRN V10, but from a quick inspection it's quite clear that the housings are not the same - the ZSR are smaller.. Were it a bit more extended, it would probably be a bit airier and this would make the sound as a whole less congested (EQing treble a bit does in fact lead to clearer overall sound). However, the broad 4dB recess centered around 700Hz pushes vocals and lead instruments towards the back of the mix by giving more emphasis to the bass and treble frequencies. Account & Lists Returns & Orders. The price to performance ration with the KZ ZS10 is simply crazy and i mean it when I say they take down earphones twice their price. Today we’re taking a quick first look at the new AS10 from Knowledge Zenith (KZ). The KZ ZS10 Hybrid IEM was quite an hotshot last year, and KZ now released the Pro version. KZ ZS10 Pro is one of the best in-ear monitors for listening to music. *disclaimer: This sample was provided for the purpose of writing a review, no incentive was given to write a favourable review. It is a very soft emphasis, so it is completely unobtrusive. I’ve EQ’d these and the Bass is more powerful and controlled than anything I’ve heard. The AS10 was provided to me … They both were released last month at around the same time and share so many similarities, I won’t bother making separate reviews. 9/10. While you won't see their ads plastered in Hi-Fi magazines or their precious flagships displayed in carefully padded display cases, you can easily find their products being discussed on audiophile forums scattered across the internet. The treble performance of the KZ AS-10 is good. Okay for commuting. I found the signature disappointing compared to the kz ate. The KZ AS10 have a stylish look that would make you think their price range is higher than it actually is. KZ engineered the nozzle to spread contact evenly around the inside of your ear for a perfect seal. Depth. Previous . I have Sennheiser IE 80 and the AS10, after EQ, put those to shame in quantity and quality. KZ AS10 Review: Cheap Champion KZ is a veritable titan of the audiophile industry. KZ … Their sound quality surpasses significantly the W40. Decent for neutral listening. After all, these two IEMs share a similar chamber design. They are also not customizable like typical gaming headphones. On the upside, they are very portable and should fit in most pockets. Mid-bass on the BA10 is dialed down slightly giving it a slightly leaner mid-range than the AS10 and giving it a more balanced feel. I paid pre-order pricing and have received no incentives of any kind for this review. The soundstage is poor. Using foam tips helps reduce noise a bit, but they can’t replace the isolation that the shells do not offer. The AS10 is the most expensive KZ model I have evaluated so far, retailing for $59.99 on Amazon at the time of this review. KZ AS10 (Knowledge Zenith) Review. Hello, Sign in. Like the ZS10 before it, the AS10 does not offer a high level of passive isolation from external noise, providing just a bit of reduction in volume and not much more. The KZ AS10 are in fact almost identical to the KZ ZS10, both in shape and materials. Intro. On the other hand, the KZ AS-10 have better sound performance and are cheaper, making them an obvious better choice over the W40. This is KZ AS10, KZ’s latest IEM with overall 10 balanced armatures. Unfortunately, the variant we tested didn’t have any in-line features, but there is a variant with an in-line microphone and remote, without volume controls. Post navigation. The appearance they are able to surprise and bribe many. Three pairs of silicone ear tips in different sizes are also provided. Is there a better replacement cable perhaps?   The frequency response consistency of the KZ AS-10 is excellent. Width. Like most in-ears, they have a poor soundstage which won't be ideal for more neutral listeners. KZ AS10 | 5x Balanced Armatures | We are reviewing the KZ AS10, the first headphone from KZ with an all balanced armature driver’s configuration. The KZ AS10 IEM’s sound good since I first tried, being a low impedance IEM’s they sound great with smartphones as well as music players. The separation of instruments is not really on par with the ZS10, but this makes it very good anyway. Remove the clear plastic and then the wire just pulls right out with a little bit of force. I’ll start this review by assuming not everyone knows what these headphones are all about and still wondering what the concept of 10 BA means. KZ AS10 Review – Multi BA IEM for the Masses Tested at $68 Alright, here’s one for all the KZ fans out there (and I know you’re out there!) With the KZ AS10, the brand keeps pushing the limits of insanely affordable/premium spec’ed earphones and opens up the doors as the lowest-priced 5 balanced armature drivers headphone that you can find in the market. On the upside, you can replace it if it gets damaged which makes the AS10 more durable than most typical in-ears. The KZ AS10 5BA is the first balanced armature IEM that I have tested and my perception of its performance is rather distinct if not excellent. Let’s have a look! *disclaimer: This sample was provided for the purpose of writing a review, no incentive was given to write a favourable review. 5 Armature Driver Details: KZ AS10 musician in ear monitor uses 5 driver, include one 22955 BA driver for Lows can be comparable to the traditional dynamic driver. KZ is the world's leading audio earphones device manufacturer, provide professional audio KZ service covering more than 100 countries and regions. These sub $100 AS10 IEMs have 5 balanced armatures in each piece and exhibit a good frequency balance with emphasis on the mid range, as they are not reference flat frequency range IEMs, which, unless you are using these for mixing (a mistake regardless of the type and quality of IEM), is boring for listening to music (who ever began the delusional perception that a flat frequency response is optimal for music listening, needs a lesson on how the human ear works based on frequency). Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. You can easily change it to your favorite choices of … The AS-10 also have better passive noise isolation. PACKAGING AND ACCESSORIES The KZ AS10 comes in a black rectangular cardboard box marked with the KZ logo on the front panel. As I mentioned this is just the first of the KZ earphone reviews that we will be publishing in the coming months but I thought I would lead with the best. Physical design was similar to the ES4 and ZS10 The difference is not stark but is noticeable to my ears. The KZ AS10 headphones come with a replaceable 1/8" TRS audio cable without an in-line mic or remote that will only provide audio when connected to your phone, PC or console controllers. KZ AS10 Review – Multi BA IEM for the Masses. This is because creating an out-of-head and speaker-like soundstage is largely dependent on activating the resonances of the pinna (outer ear). The AS10 are passive headphones without active components or a battery. Posted on June 24, 2019 August 30, 2019 by Oscar Stewart. The ones we tested didn’t have in-line controls or a microphone, but KZ does offer a variant with both. Feel free to leave a comment. The ZSR are KZ's latest offering to us budget audio enthusiasts. The KZ AS06 (Left) and AS10 (Right) I find the AS06 to be just about as comfortable as the AS10 with reasonably good sound isolation. Written by Adrin S. The KZ AS10, with its five balanced armatures, is currently the flagship model in Knowledge Zenith’s range of IEMs and with a price of $58 (without built-in microphone), it is also the most expensive. The earbuds are angled to suit the contour of your ear for a better fit. Limited Time Sale Easy Return. Another day and it seems another KZ earphone review. KZ AS10 (Knowledge Zenith) Knowledge Zenith is an audio equipment manufacturer from China with grand aspiration. AESTHETICS - 8/10. No cherry-picked units sent by brands. The KZ look and feel more premium than the 1More. KZ is a veritable titan of the audiophile industry. After many, many headphones plagued by tuning issues, the KZ AS10 are finally balanced and without the spikes and dips that characterise most of the company’s products. Having said that, any IEM’s stock tuning will never be to the liking of everybody, however, I found that the use of an EQ unleashes the power of these IEM’s components, including superb bass and sub bass (extremely more bass than any IEM I have auditioned, including custom molded IEMs from renown companies). When a product is discontinued or no longer popular, we sell the purchased products locally in Montreal, Canada. My suggestion to them would be to make a hybrid by introducing a dynamic driver for subs and recessing the lower treble a bit. This short review will cover two of the latest In-Ear Monitors from Knowledge Zenith: The ZSN Pro and the ZS10 Pro. The KZ AS10 are better sounding headphones than the Shure SE215. KZ BA10 vs KZ AS10 ($68 USD) Although these 2 look to have a very similar bass on the graph the KZ AS10 (review here) has more bass presence. Unfortunately, the variant we tested did not have a microphone for making calls. KZ Acoustics or Linsoul are not affiliated with Headfonia. Prime Basket. I wish I could return the AS10. With the music at 100dB SPL, the leakage at 1 foot away averages at 27dB SPL and peaks at 39dB SPL, which is way below the noise floor of an average office. Mid-treble is rather uneven, which makes the reproduction of sibilances (S and T sounds) a bit inconsistent, by overemphasizing some and underemphasizing others. Of course, it also costs more. However, they do sound a bit boomy due to the overemphasized bass while vocals and lead instruments sound like they are being pushed back in the mix. It certainly is a very distant approach to that used up to this point. The appearance they are able to surprise and bribe many. I agree with your review especially about lack of sub bass extension and the bump at midbass. Let’s have a look! KZ originated in 2013 advocated ultimate, fashion and simplicity focusing on the faith of revolutionary pursuit ultimate attitude forwards life. Read honest … Their first go at an all-BA earphone, the recently released AS10, was in my opinion a rousing success. The overall response is quite even and decently balanced. 9 min read. Linsoul KZ ZS10 Pro 4BA. Here you can vote for our next review, Compare frequency and distortion of headphones to make a clearer and more informed decision. Today we have another budget IEM in our hands here at Headfonia. So if you did not like the design of the ZS10, you may want to skip this one too. Learn how your comment data is processed. Currently, they're the second most expensive IEM KZ has put out, running at $70 on Amazon and basically the same price on Aliexpress. Size & Weight. You can find my reviews of cables here:, Hi..I am using kz as10 ..overall specs superb in this I am hearing some hiss noise in this in ear..I had tried with mojo it’s any problem with the cables or driver’ there anyone knows ..pls tell me, I don’t get any hiss. Their leakage performance is excellent, so you can mask more noise by raising your volume without bothering colleagues. 4.5 in. But they are sensitive phones so it’s possible. KZ AS10 | 5x Balanced Armatures | We are reviewing the KZ AS10, the first headphone from KZ with an all balanced armature driver’s configuration. This new version of the ZS10 eschews the old design to adopt that of the KZ ZSN – smaller, lighter, more comfortable – and complements this change with a radically different tuning. The W40 also have a better design, thanks to more comfortable earbuds, and are more portable thanks to their solid case. Also, the L/R drivers of our test unit were very well-matched in frequency, amplitude, and phase response. Because of this, the AS10 can offer more impact, density, and overall better sound quality than any other earphone at its class. Type of headphones: In the ear Impedance: 32Ω Handset sensitivity: 105DB / mW Frequency range: 20-22000Hz Interface: 3.5mm gold Plug type: L curved Cable length: … The KZ AS10 in our review will appeal to lovers of confident and high-quality sound. KZ AS10 vs iBasso IT01 - This review wouldn't be any fun if we compared AS10 only to IEMs less expensive than itself, so we'll try to doing this with a real performer. Although the tuning is generally way better than that of previous earphones, it is not devoid of criticism. Bass is, as expected, not the best part of the KZ AS10. The 1More Triple Driver headphones are slightly better than the KZ AS10. 3.4 in. KZ AS10: I find the two very similar with the BA10 receiving some tweaks to the treble that make it the more enjoyable and technically accomplished of the two. I recently picked up the KZ As10 to try out. Firstly I would like to thank Linsoul for this sample. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for KZ AS10 IEM 5 Balanced Armature Driver Earphone, Stereo HiFi KZ in Ear Monitor Headphone Musician Headset with Detachable 2 Pin Cable(No Microphone, Black) at The IEM costs around $69USD. If we look at them from a perspective of balance and adherence to an ideal neutral sound reproduction, the KZ AS10 are the best headphones made by KZ so far. Yes, they are good… for the price. This tool will clearly show you the differences, Use our data and table to find the best headphones for your needs, Want to see us review a specific headphones? The flexible ear-hook design will keep the earbuds stable enough during exercise. On the other hand, the ZSN have a more high-end look thanks to the metal-finish backplate on the earbuds, but that’s about it. Hello everyone. And then by addressing another issue which raises some suspicion. The KZ AS10 are decent sounding closed-back in-ears, with a deep, powerful and consistent bass, a well-balanced mid-range and a good treble. On the upside, the version that comes with an in-line microphone should be compatible with your console controller or PC. Treble is a bit less extraordinary, as the only significant difference from previous models I can find is the lack of odious peaks that pierce one’s eardrums. They are breathable enough for multiple different casual usages and for working out. Disclaimer: I received the KZ ZS10 Pro free of charge for this review from ... We have reviewed several KZ IEMs including the the ATR, AS10, ZS5 and last but not least; the AS16. Gain early access to all tests results for new products, Prices will now be listed directly in reviews and tables, Have 5 votes per product category to choose which product we’ll review next, Gain unlimited access to detailed test results in tools and results (no blurred results), Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds And In-Ears, Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $100, Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $200, Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds For Running, Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Under $100, Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Under $50, Having trouble deciding between two headphones? I'm going to review the KZ AS10 this time around. © 2020 9298-5266 Quebec Inc. All Rights Reserved. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for KZ AS10 HIFI Stereo 5 Balanced Armature Driver Monitor Earphone In Ear Headphone Headset Earbuds (With Mic, Cyan) at The AS16 translucent black shells. The ZS-10's sound is more accurate, while the AS-10 has more bass and a bit more punch to it. Low-bass is within 1dB of our neutral target, meaning these headphones produce just the right amount of thump and rumble, which is common to bass-heavy music and sound effects. Review: KZ AS10. The KZ AS10 are decently comfortable in-ear headphones. 160 St-Viateur Est, Suite 408, Montreal, Canada, H2T 1A8. Also, because these headphones have a closed-back enclosure, their soundstage won't be perceived to be as open as that of open-back earbuds like the Apple AirPods, Google Pixel Buds or the Bose SoundSport Free.

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