how to record upright piano audio

The piano is a Kawai upright grand I have already gotten rid of the noise ... it is the muffled sound that I am attempting to clear up. Mike. the music stand, sound of pianist's fingernails on keys, sound of pianist (e.g. With over 7,000 moving parts, pianos are incredibly intricate instruments. One comes under the heading of ‘grand’, the other ‘upright’. I was never taught or shown how to do this. Most teachers would just think to record piano through their phone’s voice memo recorder, but trust me, getting comfortable with GarageBand is a great way to make your piano lessons fun. Some Hybrid Pianos have also ports to connect them to a computer or other devices. In case you’re using a tricky time choosing the best upright piano for you, this review makes it feasible to limit your choices. In this post I will go over some Piano plugins that I believe to be the best. With an upright piano, the best results come from using close mic techniques. For example, you might set up the microphone pointing at the piano, adjust the gain level on the audio interface so you have a decent signal, hit record, and start the session. Hear For Yourself . Option one: Two condenser microphones Polar response: Cardioid; Example: Shure SM 81, AKG C1000 Position 2 microphones from above (remembering to use 3-to-1 spacing), around 2-3 feet away. 'They are touting this hand-made upright German piano as one of the best sounding and unique soft piano available. breathing etc), sound of hammers brushing against each other, sound of pedal mechanism. the results is to metalic for me. Is this a pop-jazz kind of record that might want a more “done-up” style of mix? First of all you have to check how the piano sounds best for the song and the style of playing (not in the sense of thinking how it would sound in the mix that much, but rather how you like the … I'm searching for a couple of mics to record my piano. I thought about the Beyerdynamics MC-930. Once the casing is removed, position two spaced pair microphones over the top of the piano's open lid. I was wondering what the best way on what setting (Cardioid, Omnidirectional, Stereo or Bidirectional) would be to record an upright Yamaha that is against the wall in … Re: muffled sound. Ideally, both microphones should be the same make and manufacture. Web site designed & maintained by PB Associates & SOS. Our services include Sound Engineering, Audio Post-Production, System Upgrades and Equipment Consulting. physics (de-box the piano sound): 1. pull the piano away from the wall 2. open up the lid 3. take the front wood off mics: 4. place mics in various areas and experiment. Both microphones should be just above the top opening. One option is to open the top lid and to remove the front panel of the piano. I heard very good things about it. Schoeps 221bs sound really great on my old Baldwin for a stereo thing. Try positioning it roughly 12 inches from the ground, 20 inches from the piano frame. I'm not very happy of it. Yamaha’s Arius series offers the performance quality of an acoustic upright piano along with the convenience of a digital upright piano. This nice Baldwin piano needs a new home! Try a small squirt of oil to help eliminate the problem if it exists, Positioning the microphones inside the cavity provides greater isolation but tends to colour the sound, particularly at the top end, Omni microphones can provide a more natural sound, If leakage is a problem, use cardioid microphones that are positioned just inside the cavity, If using a single microphone, position it slightly more towards the treble strings to help avoid a boomy sound. Room acoustics The room acoustics are such an important factor to consider when recording a concert grand piano. Step 1: We’ve set our dictaphone to record and captured some upright piano chords and some isolated, higher notes. Great care has been taken to ensure accuracy in the preparation of this article but neither Sound On Sound Limited nor the publishers can be held responsible for its contents. Microphones / Miking; By Mike Senior. Learn how to record an upright piano. Remember: a piano is an investment. The assumptions I'm making are: by complete beginner, you mean a beginner at recording, not playing piano; you want to make a high quality recording of an acoustic piano performance ; you want the recording to be digital Upright Piano. Tags: Audio mixing EQ tips, Piano keyboard music production techniques. Well, as we’ve said, piano is somewhat difficult to record, but even more so, it can be difficult to find a great piano to record.

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